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My Capstone:
Sustainable Alternative Methods of Consumer Automobile Power

This page will be home to my capstone project work and process.  I am spending my senior year researching new and existing mechanisms for consumer automobile power that increase sustainability.  I am fascinated by the variety of methods to power a car, from compressed hydrogen to used vegetable oil.  I have developed an adaptive quiz/survey using branching formulaic logic compressed into the Interact quiz software that can recommend a specific sustainable vehicle and power source to an individual based on their unique circumstances.  Also, I am aiming to lead an interactive workshop in order to educate consumers about sustainable options that exist in the automobile market.  Then, workshop attendees will get a link to my quiz to find the perfect vehicle match for them.

Try out my adaptive quiz to see what type of sustainable automobile is best for you!



Tesla Model 3 chassis from my visit to the Tesla Gallery, Palo Alto, CA

Some of my favorite sources:

National Geographic, "The Future is Here"

Awesome explanation of electric vehicle options and futures.

United States Department of Energy Fuel Map

Find a charger, pump, or station near you!

The United States Environmental Protection Agency, "Carbon Pollution from Transportation"

Check out these stats and charts on climate impacts.

Car and Driver, "Synthetic Fuels"

Tons of context on an emerging field.

My Thesis: "As consumers move to alternative fuel sources for their automobiles with a goal of zero emissions, there is no single solution that is feasible for all.  Factors such as affordability and access to supplies will help determine the best alternative for each to choose."

The beginning of my research paper:


Interactive Workshop Product

Lesson Plan: 

Workshop Lesson Plan (Roughly fills 1 hour of allotted time)

  1. Introductory Kahoot game featuring stats and fun facts to catch attention, raise engagement and gauge knowledge levels of the audience (Game features slides in between questions to ensure knowledge is captured). [~20 mins]

  2. I launch into a slideshow to briefly discuss my three focused fuel methods  and their qualities, as well as showing diagrams of how they work (Electric, Hydrogen, Synthetic).  [~15 mins]

  3. I split the audience up into groups based on the three to discuss and then present why their method should be internationally implemented.  Each group will have some sort of surface upon which to take notes and draw convincing pictures. [~15 mins]

  4. I will provide workshop attendees with my interactive quiz link which they can take time to do and see their results so that they can share with families and friends to increase conversation and feasibility of the topic.  I will also take any questions. [~10 mins]


Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 2.33.09 PM.png

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Diagram

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